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Marianna Amicarella
, MA is a movement therapist and multilingual educator whose work helped pioneer the integration of Pilates into rehabilitative facilities and modify the technique for clients diagnosed with complex issues such as balance problems, scoliosis and head injuries.

Her 25 years of clinical experience began at St. Francis Hospital in San Francisco, one of the first sports medicine facilities to incorporate Pilates as part of physical therapy protocols for dancers and athletes. This hospital created the seminal Dance Medicine Division, where Marianna served as one of the first Pilates trainers. As a former professional dancer, she developed dance injury prevention programs for many notable dance companies and has written and illustrated textbooks for dance and kinesiology classes, within both university and performing arts curricula.

Professional background in psychotherapy and vestibular (balance) rehabilitation has provided Marianna with crucial insights and unique skills for working in multidisciplinary settings with clients diagnosed with brain injuries, trauma, neurological and balance disorders.

Personal challenges associated with progressive scoliosis have led to extensive investigations into diverse therapeutic approaches and avenues of creative movement that began with the great fortune of studying with Eve Gentry in the early 80’s. She is grateful to be working with a compassionate and extraordinarily knowledgeable staff at Avanti Therapy, LLC. in Boulder CO. Marianna continues to teach nationally and in Europe.